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Until a year or so ago, I hadn’t even tried wireless charging. My iPhone at the time was old and couldn’t be charged wirelessly, so I didn’t bother trying out the technology.

Since I'm a notorious electronics nerd, I gave up on keeping my bedside table organized a long time ago. My husband and I were swimming in cables between earbuds, laptops, iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads. Well, he's still swimming in cables, sadly, but my bedside table is suddenly looking very neat indeed. That's because NYTSTND created a simple, elegant solution to multi-device charging — the NYSTND QUAD charging station.

Cluttered cables and misplaced plugs are a nightmare. Given how we're often reliant on our devices to function, we can't afford to not have charging devices within arm's reach. The easy solution? Investing in charging stations.

If you’ve been waiting for Black Friday to buy the perfect charging station for all your devices, you don’t have to wait anymore. This Nytstnd Quad MagSafe Wireless + USB-C Charging Station lets you charge up to four devices at the same time. And it comes in four beautiful styles and colors that will match perfectly with either your workspace or your nightstand.

The NYTSTND Quad Tray MagSafe is an expensive four-way charger made from leather and Amish-sourced wood that declutters your bedside table while remaining stylish.

Picture this: On a typical night, my nightstand consists of an iPhone and Apple Watch sloppily plugged into its charger, and somewhere on my wife’s side of the bed is an iPad that’s patiently waiting for its turn to charge. It’s an absolute mess, and I hate it. Not to mention the tug-of-war game of who gets the charger first.

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NYTSTND, a leader in the multi-device charging industry has teamed up with one of the leading Amish woodworking outfits in the Midwest. In fact, we are practically neighbors in Mansfield, Ohio where NYTSTND is headquartered.

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