NytStnd Wireless QUAD Tray Black On Oak Wood Border

NytStnd Wireless QUAD Tray Black On Oak Wood Border

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NytStnd Wireless QUAD is the ultimate charging dock for:

- iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max and XR

- Apple Watch: All Models. Charging Cable Not Included.

- AirPods or a 2nd iPhone (AirPods 2 compatible, which isn't released by Apple yet. Works with AirPods 1 optional wireless charging case)

- iPad (Any iPad using Lightning & USB-C charging including iPad Pro 12.9")

***Patent Pending***


YES - NytStnd works with the all new iPhones including XS, XS Max & XR

YES - NytStnd works with the new iPad Pro's with USB-C

YES - It charges AirPods with the optional AirPods wireless charging case or the upcoming AirPods 2*!

SIZE: 11.8" x 9"

USB 3. 0 add-on cannot be added to NytStnd Wireless Quad

HOW NYTSTND WORKS: www.NytStnd.com/Tutorials

Included in box:

-NytStnd top & base

-Wireless units, iPad Magnetic Charging & one plug solution

-Device Backings

*Some assembly required.

*AirPods 2 hasn't been released by Apple.

Any questions, message us or email: info@nytstnd.com

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